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Make detailed, commercial quality screen stencils in minutes with SmallDogPrints!

Our artists & small businesses manage websites, studios, showrooms, classrooms and more. They’re busy people! We’ve taken away the need for them to stretch and coat their own mesh, purchase large, costly machines and to have dedicated dark rooms.

SmallDogPrints' Emulsion on Mesh Silk Screen Printing Sheets (Film) expose with black/white artwork & light and develop in water. We’ve shrunk the entire commercial silk screen printing process down so that less equipment, less space, less time, and less money is needed for the “little guy” a.k.a. “small dog” to make professional quality silk screen stencils.

SmallDogPrints' silk screen printing stencils offer artists the ULTIMATE in flexibility. Our screens are custom, affordable, reusable and PORTABLE. Screens can be used to print detailed designs on: clay, bisque, notecards, fabric, gel printing plates, rice paper, wood, metal, etc. with thickened underglaze, acrylic, fabric ink, etc.

For screens that are TEMPORARILY sticky:

* Add a light mist of Pixie Spray to the back (our favorite!!) Simply remove the sticky feel with hand sanitizer! ....OR....

*Moist screens become temporarily sticky and cling to curved surfaces.

Dry screens feel like paper and can be:

* taped to flat surfaces

* easily stored in a binder or folder

* used with a frame to print multiples

* flipped over & printed with on opposite side

Never mess with "dedicated sticky backed screens" again and with being limited to printing only one print, from one side and with keeping, repositioning & reapplying a backing sheet! Hooray!!! Check out our video tutorials for tips.

Transforming the ordinary into extraordinary is what artists and small businesses do best.

The options are endless.

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