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Complete Screen Printing Kit (w Light Kit & Stand)

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PRINT DETAILED DESIGNS ON: clay, bisque, notecards, fabric, gel printing plates, rice paper, wood, metal, etc. with thickened underglaze, acrylic, fabric ink, etc.



  • FREE SHIPPING $35+ (USA 🇺🇸)
  • Emulsion on Mesh Film (FULL, HALF or COMBO pack)
  • Ink Jet Transparencies (FULL, HALF or COMBO pack)
  • Black Developing Box (doubles as a carrying case)
  • 2 Red Squeegees (4” & 6”) for printing FULL & HALF size screens
  • Fine Tip Black Paint Marker (draw your designs on a transparency)
  • White Plastic Mesh Sheet (for supporting screen while developing & cleaning)
  • Light Kit: 30W UV LED blacklight for exposing film, Yellow Safe Bulb, Adjustable Metal Stand
  • Soft Brush (for developing & cleaning screens)
  • Clear 'plexi' sheet top with black exposure sheet base
  • SmallDogPrints plastic business card (can be used as a squeegee!)
  • 4 Test Strips @ 2” x 4” each. Watch Test Strips video HERE.
  • Detailed written instructions with step-by-step photos.
  • Store film FLAT at room temperature 68°-72°F. Do not refrigerate.
  • When cared for & used properly, screens can be used to print with over & over again. For information on the Care of Screens click HERE.
  • For smaller sized screens, make a sheet of small designs with at least a ½” border around each design and cut screens apart AFTER they are made OR... cut film BEFORE exposure.

WARNING: All handling of Emulsion on Mesh Film before exposure should be done with only our yellow safe light bulb on to see in a darkened room. Only when the Emulsion on Mesh Film has been made into a screen stencil is it safe to turn on regular UV lighting. May cause an allergic skin reaction and/or serious eye irritation. Wear protective gloves and eye/face protection.

WARNING: Keep SmallDogPrints light kit away from water to avoid electrical hazard.



  • United States & Canada - Due to trace amounts of mercury in the yellow safe light bulb, Light Kit will ship GROUND TRANSPORTATION. 🚚
  • All Other International Shipments - Complete Kits will come with the 30W UV LED blacklight for exposure (has a US plug) but due to trace amounts of mercury in the Yellow Safe Bulb only, the Light Kit will NOT include the Yellow Safe Bulb. These kits will include an extra sheet of film instead.

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