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17"x24" Emulsion on Mesh Film (Oversized)

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  • FREE SHIPPING ✈️ in USA 🇺🇸
  • OVERSIZED sheets measure 17"x24" each
    All the great qualities of our smaller film - only LARGER!
  • Rolled together and placed in a tube for shipping
  • To create an oversized transparency, tape together transparencies until you achieve your desired size (use clear tape).
  • For odd sized screens, cut film before exposing (cut in a darkened room w only yellow or red safe light on to see).
  • NOTE ... if not cutting into smaller sizes, 2 light kits are required for exposing the 17" x 24" sheet.
  • 18 mo. shelf life with no special storage requirements i.e. Best to unroll upon receipt and store in darkened room, FLAT, and at room temp. @ 68°-72°F. Do not refrigerate.
  • WARNING: All handling of Emulsion on Mesh Film before exposure should be done with yellow or red, safe lights on in a darkened room. Only when the Emulsion on Mesh Film has been made into a screen stencil is it safe to turn on regular UV lighting. May cause an allergic skin reaction and/or serious eye irritation. Wear protective gloves and eye/face protection.
  • MADE IN USA  🇺🇸

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